New Color OS 11 theme for oppo realme mobile phone

New-color-os -11-theme-realme-oppo-mobile

Hello friends, today I have brought a new theme of Oppo and Realme for you, which you can install and install in your old Oppo and Realme mobile and you will become your latest phone which is running right now, yes I am talking I have a new theme Oppo and Realme that is a new theme of Color OS 11, which you can install in your mobile and change your phone to a completely new version, and you are getting this theme absolutely free, for which you do not have to pay any money. Will have

How to install Color OS 11 Theme in oppo realme Phone

• First of all, you have been given two options below to download the Oppo and Realme Color OS 11 theme, you can go to either of the two options and download the theme.

 - First option is Google Drive

 - The second option is of media file link

• Once the theme is downloaded, you have to go to Downloads inside the file manager on your mobile.

• In the downloads, you will find a file with the theme (ColorOS11.theme), by clicking on it, you have completed that theme.

• Once installed, you have to restart your phone once after restarting your phone will be updated to the new theme

Free Download Realme or Oppo IOS 13 Black Dark Theme - Click Here

About of Color OS 11 Theme

After installing the Color OS 11 theme, the look of your mobile will change completely. Your mobile will start looking like new mobile because this theme is absolutely the latest theme which is running at the moment and is very famous.

Google Drive Link

Mediafire Link

Download Black IOS 13 Theme For Oppo Realme Mobile


As you know, nowadays very new updates of mobile phones are coming in your new phone, it keeps giving it all to your own phone, but in old phones, these updates are very less, due to which you can use your ph orone Let's not see the new look of this, that's why I keep sending new themes of Oppo and Realme to give you a new look in your mobile. This is the theme of Color OS 11, which is currently running the latest update, you can see this theme in Oppo and realme You can install it very easily in mobile and can run it very easily. I have explained the method to you completely.

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