Download Windows 11 OS on your PC: Top features, what’s new and everything else we know


Download and Update on your PC Windows 11 OS

Recently Microsoft has launched Windows 11 OS. That is, after a long wait of 6 years, the new Windows operating system was launched. Users are very happy, because a lot has been changed. Now you can use Windows 11 very easily in your computer.


The great news is that the update of Windows 11 OS has been available in the market, you can easily download and update it. If you also want to install it, then we will tell you the complete process of downloading Windows 11, how you can download and install it on your personal computer. First of all you have to get completely ready your computer.


To make your computer or laptop ready, you should make sure that your personal computer should have at least 4GB of RAM, 64GB of memory storage and your PC's processor of 64Bit which is at least 1GHz or higher. needed. The resolution of the display of your computer or laptop should be above 720p.


You can transfer the necessary files from your computer to the external hard disk or any other hard disk, although the chances of flying the files are negligible. But you should still be safe. Then you go to Settings from the start menu of Windows 10 OS of your computer or laptop, a new panel will open there and click on Update & Security.


A list will be found in it from where you have to go to Windows Insider Program and click. After that you have to click on Get started. Now you will be asked to link your account, now you have to link your Microsoft account by going to the plus icon. For this you need to have a Microsoft account. If you do not have an account, you can easily create an account for free by going to Microsoft's website.

Windows 11 includes a slew of new features, like the ability to download and run Android apps on your Windows PC and updates

After linking your Microsoft account, you'll get to choose one of three Insider settings. Now confirm by selecting the first Dev channel. After this, different messages will appear on the screen, you have to keep doing subpay next. You must have a fast internet connection, otherwise it may take several hours.


If you do not want to download Windows 11 Insider Preview from Windows 10 directly to your computer, then you can resort to another method by visiting its website. You have to go to the Windows Insider website and register yourself there and create an account. After this, you will get the option to download Windows 11 Insider Preview on the website. from where you have to download it

It is worth noting that you will get some many features in the windows Insider Preview of Windows 11 OS, but some features will not be available. Obviously you will get to see a new design, a new taskbar, a new start menu, new widgets, but features like Microsoft Teams integration or Android app support will not be available yet. Perhaps the company will release it sometime before the final build.

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