How to hide any file inside Image without software

How To Save Files Inside Any Image using Command

Hello everyone today, I will tell you how you can save your data inside any image in your computer, no one will know it is a very good trick and I used to use it in my childhood, people used to enjoy it a lot.  I did not even know that I have saved my data inside the image and do not have any password, do not use any third-party application.
You can Before I start, let me tell you two things first, what you need to do is, first of all, you have to have the software installed in your computer window.
Use is very good software, you people can use it, I will give you the link, from here you can download the software for free.
How to hide any files Image without any software

How To Show File Name With Extention In My Computer

After installing this, the other thing that you guys have to do is to go to the file manager
After going to the file manager, on the left side at the top, you will see the option by Organiz and clicking on it, after clicking in it, you will also see a folder and search option, click on it, after clicking on it select on view option after that you will have seen  Hide Extension for known file types (Untick this option)  After Untick, it has to be clicked and applied.

After both are done, now your man work starts, which will help you to hide any of your data inside the image, first of all, what you have to do What you want to put inside an image is to keep it in a compressed file.
Clicking the window plus the R button on the keyboard in your computer Your run dialog box will open and you have to type CMD and hit enter. After hitting the entry, your MS-DOS command will open. After opening, you will have to go to the path where your data is kept like your data is on the desktop.  If kept, then you have to go to the path of the desktop using CMD

How to hide any files Image without any software
How to hide any files Image without any software

  After reaching the right place, you have to type the "copy / b" command in CMD.
 After that which is your image file 
 The full name of the image with the extension
 After that, you have to give space and type "+"
After that, you have to write the name of the file that was compressed but after giving the name you have to give space, after giving the space, then you have to name the same image file in which you have to enter your data.
copy /b (Image Name With Extention) + (Compress File Name With Extention) (Image Name With Extention)  
After that, your 1 copy will come by writing Complete means that your data has gone inside that image Now how do you know that your data is inside the image, to see that you have to go to that image file, right-click and use open with WinRAR.

After opening from that, you will see the data that you compressed in the compressed file and go to it and see the option given above, click on the extract and you will chat where you want to chat, then your data image  Will come out of this means that your data was well contained in the image CM and your son was hidden, this is a very good trick.

I hope you guys have liked this trick, how you can save your details inside an image, no one will know very good Attraction if you like it, share it and have a problem. 
So comment If you people have problems typing this, then I have also made a video of it, you people can see this video and you can save your data inside an image.

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