How to make your own whatsapp sticker for free

Best Applications For Make Your Own Whatsapp Stricker

Hello Guys, today I will tell you how to make WhatsApp stickers on your mobile, now a days, Shekhar Kaka has become very much, people seem different, what makes stickers, people send, studies are becoming popular, Facebook uses it like this  Nowadays, WhatsApp has also become very popular, even in the case, chats are also very good, very good things are being done, different types of people use them.
I read their money, they are not available for free, but I will tell you how you can make a thing of your own image.

 If you use Android, then you will know about the Playstore, you must have downloaded many big ones and you have to do a search on WhatsApp sticker maker.

How to make your own WhatsApp sticker for free
 After searching, there will be some application shows, of which you should download the training Whatsapp Sticks Maker application,
 After downloading, you have to open the WhatsApp sticker maker application and after opening, you have to go to the new sticker maker in that application, after that go to it and select an image
 That you want to make your own sticker
 After selecting, you have to write the name of the confirmation
 After selecting the image, the application will automatically keep your image sticker.

 I will tell you some applications that you can download, I will also give a link to them, you can use them by downloading and make your own hunt.

Whatsapp sticker maker apps

 I hope you have liked the way I have told you how you can make your own hunt and use it in WhatsApp, you have to mix different types of applications with tomorrow which you can use it.

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