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hey everybody it's techlinics and in this topic I'm gonna know you how you can disavow domains and URLs using arefs backlinks chacker.
So if you have a bunch of spammy backlinks maybe one of your competitors is building you know spammy backlinks to your website or maybe you are getting a bunch of spam backlinks that you don't want to be linked to your website.
You can actually disavow those URLs and tell Google that those should not be linking to your website (arefs backlink chacker) and that you did not build those backlinks.

How to use arefs backlinks checker

So in this topic today I'm going to show you how you can do that using arefs backlinks checker a rest com.

So first we need to look for and find all of the backlinks that we do not want pointing to our website, 
So you're gonna log into your a reps account and go to the website that you want to look for the backlinks for and then click backlinks.

Finding a spammy backlinks

You can see here we already have some that are disavowed to this domain but we are going to look through and find any backlinks that we did not build ourselves or that look spammy so this is a good one okay.
So here is one right here that is an example of a spammy backlinks so it's pointing to this forum slash Index this must have been the person who previously had the site had a forum on it but in general these links that we've seen to this forum are really bad spamming backlinks you can see it's Demian JP cgi-bin whatever.
It is doesn't look like a high quality link so we're going to select it and then now we can go all the way up to the top and you can either choose disavowal URLs or disavow domain.

URL Ahref Backlinking blogger and WordPress

So if it's on a you know main domain like or something like that where you won't necessarily want to block the whole domain you would just do disavowed you RL and that would just say tell google that you do not want this backlink pointing to your site now if it's a spammy domain like this one that we've just checked we don't really want any backlinks from this entire domain, because it's probably spam if you want to check it out you can go to the URL but it's probably spam so I'm not even going to risk it.

ahref- backlink-checker
ahref  backlink checker

Automatically link blocked tool in Ahref

So I'm going to just do disavowed domaine for this one and any links that come to our website from that domain will be blocked and it will just automatically disavowed us links.
So let's go through and see if we can find some more so here are some more and this is a good example here so we have these backlinks from this dot blogspot domain and it is pointing to this forum again and something about women's intimacy enhancer.
Which we definitely don't want pointing to our site because it's a the site ninja reports is a software site so this definitely is not a backlink that we want pointing so we're going to choose these.
Now for this one we're not gonna do disavow domain because then it will block any links coming from blogs blogspot and we have some good links that are coming from blogspot.
Domains so all we want to do is disavow these URLs and that will just block this whole URL and it will block that backlink from pointing to our site.
Now do disavow URLs and now those are in the disavow list.
So here are some some more down here so we're gonna add these and here are some more from blogspot so we're just going to disavow.
You are l's on those and also another way to easily find the backlinks that you haven't disavowed yet is at the top here you can select to hide disavow links and this will hide all of those links that you've selected to disavow so you kind of can filter out you know all those bad ones so you can more easily see you know all the links that you do want so for this we're just going to keep it off but so we have found all of the links that we don't want pointing to our site and we have added them to our disavow list so now we're going to export that disavow list and we are going to send.

Google disavow tool in Ahref

It to Google so Google knows all of the URLs that we want to block from linking to our site so now you're gonna go to your home dashboard and you're gonna find your site and then click disavow links and now that will take you to a page that lists all of those disavow links that you added.

Google search console tool

So now we have to export this so click export and save as txt for upload upload to Google disavow tool  and then click OK well now download that disavow links list so now you'll have to submit this list to Google so now you are going to go to your Google search console.
If you haven't created a Google search console I have a video that I will link to below this video that shows you how to create a Google search console account and how to set it up etc.

Google Webmaster Tools disavow link tool

So once you have that set up you're going to find your site you're gonna go to the Google Webmaster Tools disavow link tool in the search console and you're going to find your site so ninja Reports calm and then click disavow links and now it will ask you to upload your file so now you're gonna choose file and you're going to and select the file now click Submit and that will update the existing file so if you have already had a file on there it'll override that which is fine and now we have successfully submitted our disavow list.

Increase Traffic And Ranking 

So now we have told Google that we don't want those links pointing to our site now once you do this you will see a big increase in traffic and in rankings because those bad links to your website will hinder your  will SEO.
It make you rank worse so make sure you disavow those and once you do that you'll see a great increase if you have any spam backlinks to your website so that is how you disavow links using a refs I hope this topic helped you be sure to follow my techlinics channel I'm always posting great content on how to start and grow businesses online.

So thanks and have a great day

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