How to track changes in MS Word 2019

Track Changes In Microsoft Office Word 2019
How to track changes in MS Word 2019
Track Changes In MS Word

In this topic you are going to learn how to track changes in Word.
I am going to show you how to turn on the “track changes” function and what kind of changes you can make. To turn on the  “track changes” we to go the “Review” tab and click on “Track Changes”.
In the dropdown menu to right we also need to select “All Markup” to really make all changes visible. Now let’s see what we can do with that.
We can insert characters or whole words. And when we insert them, they will be colored and underlined in red.
We can also delete characters and as you can se this will cause a redline on the characters. But also a change in formatting can be tracked in Word. For example, when we make a Word bold, then new formatting will be shown as a comment. 
We can also add real comments to our document by marking the text that should be commented, and then clicking on “New Comment”.
When we are done with our changes we click on the button “Track Changes” again and if you want to make the changes invisible but still keep them, then simply select “Original” in the dropdown menu.
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