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Free Google Garage Certificate free Online Course

Digital-garag- google-certificate-free-online-course

Fundamentals of digital marketing

Help grow your business or career, Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing

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Introduction of Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? It is the process of interacting with potential customers through digital channels, in which they have to do something, such as buying a product. You are marketing digitally every time you are offline for advertisements, email newspapers, blog posts, and more. So you actually already have digital marketing experience, which makes it easy to start.

In this learning path, you will cover the fundamentals of digital marketing and go through different ways with the end result of a professional digital marketing plan.

What will you learn In Digital Garage?

First, digital marketing fundamentals and move into the following areas:

  1. Understanding your customers
  2. Measurement and metrics
  3. Conversion-rate optimization
  4. Organic channels
  5. Paid channels
  6. Email marketing
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Referral marketing
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