How to Earn Money With the I-Care Campaign on Google Pay


The I-Care Campaign on Google Pay Earn Money

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Earn heart boxes and gift them to friends within Groups on Google Pay. Every gifted heart box counts towards the donation of 1 crore meals to the impacted families. Along the way, you and your friends will get rewards from Google Pay, as a token of appreciation for your efforts.

The I-Care Campaign

Google Pay I-Care Campaign will run for 10 weeks from 1 July – 29 September 2018. How to Get Started Sign-up for I-Care Campaign at Within your group, you can encourage each other to donate hearts and notes to help spread the word and gather more donations. Google Pay – I-Care Campaign Mission Teach 1 crore children (the estimated number of malnourished kids in India) a balanced, healthy diet. We're doing this by teaching them how to cook nutritious meals. We've partnered with Delhi Public School, Dwarka (for GOSHHI). Mission Statements -Teach 1 crore children (the estimated number of malnourished kids in India) a balanced, healthy diet. -Earn heart boxes and gift them to friends within Groups on Google Pay.

Earn Money With the I-Care Campaign on Google Pay

These days when you live in a shared space, you have to share things like your expenses, as everyone needs to have something to eat. Sharing expenses and paying them without worrying about little details is possible through the I-Care Campaign on Google Pay. As soon as you open the I-Care tab on Google Pay, you will be asked to contribute money to the cause. Each individual can only contribute 1, 10 or 20 INR to the cause. At the end of the month, Google will convert the donations to a 'well-deserved reward'. Rewards for Participants To enjoy the rewards for participants, you and your friends need to contribute the amount that they have received as gift. After you have completed all the tasks and donations, Google will pay you at least 50 INR every month.

What You Need to Know About the I-Care Campaign

The I-Care Campaign is fully funded by Google, and will provide them access to potential users to sign up and donate. Google is also providing the Google Pay for Work vouchers for all the volunteers. It is a great way for those who want to take the next step and launch their own projects. There are three different levels of donations available to give. In addition to these, there are multiple volunteering opportunities available on the website. How to Help Through the Google Impact Challenge Google Impact Challenge is a massive global challenge where you and your team can help people and communities around the world. The platform aims to fund a slew of innovative ideas that tackle one of the most pressing issues in the world today, bringing clean water to those who need it.

How to Start Earning Money With the I-Care Campaign

You can start earning money within a couple of minutes, by adding your contacts to the campaign. Add your contact details to the groups or parties with whom you want to be a part of the campaign and invite all of them to join. In group admins get the ability to decide how to distribute the money. Google Pay automatically sets up the action and warns you if you’re just participating for the sake of participating, but aren’t interested in the results. Your contributions will automatically be captured. You can also add Google Pay’s name, to the group, to receive emails or receive direct access to messages. With the I-Care Campaign on Google Pay, you can make donations to the ICRC at just one click, and you can track your progress along the way.


Google Pay's initiative to build more humanitarian offerings in India in collaboration with Sanskruti and Jana Jhoothi aims to continue making a positive impact in the lives of people in India.

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