What You need to know about Windows 365

What You need to know about Windows 365

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Windows 365 combines the power and security of the cloud with the versatility and simplicity of the PC. From contractors and interns to software developers and industrial designers, Windows 365 enables a variety of new scenarios for the new world of work

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Get to know Windows 365

Provides secure, fast, easy cloud-based access to Windows Fast and secure access to Windows via the web, USB, and Bluetooth Access on your PC, tablet, or phone Intuitive control experience designed for ease of use Integrates with Microsoft Office Automatically synchronizes between multiple devices Gives you the freedom to run PC-only programs on any device A collaborative platform with a simple and intuitive interface Targeted at digital creatives and digital agencies As part of our mission to make technology easier and more accessible, we're introducing Windows by the Year 2020, our vision for a new generation of PCs designed for work and play. This new platform is a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8, and it redefines how people use the PC.

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Windows 365 for licensing

As a free product, Windows 10 Enterprise provides full feature parity with Windows 10 Pro (upgradeable to Windows 10 Enterprise), plus a host of benefits.

Windows 365 for security

Windows 10 was the most secure operating system available to customers; however, with over 110 million Windows 10 devices, how can IT support that many diverse endpoints with secure deployment? In fact, Windows 10 has more devices running the latest feature release (1703) than any other version in the history of Windows, yet still accounts for only 20 percent of active devices. Also: Microsoft aims to keep all PCs using Edge as Windows 10 rollout begins With Windows 365, IT can easily and automatically patch all device types, not just Windows 10 PCs, to help ensure your employees are protected from security risks that were never anticipated before.

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Windows 365 as a service

Windows 365 as a service makes Windows more available and more secure at any level of an organization’s maturity. It’s delivered through a subscription model in an intelligent cloud, delivering software updates at a regular cadence, with high-quality security. Get started New users, bring your own device (BYOD) customers, small businesses, and education can now have unlimited access to Windows 10 with just a one-time set-up cost. There’s more Surface devices, Xbox, OneDrive and OneNote are just some of the incredible new features that make up the complete Windows 10 experience.

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What does this mean for my company?

The cloud allows employees to bring their PCs into the office. Previously IT departments had to manage servers and network equipment, leaving them unable to easily give employees access to the tools they need. With a remote desktop solution and remote management options that work across Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 – it’s easy to give employees access to their company data on the same computers they use to complete their day-to-day tasks. While Windows Server 2012 gives IT departments the ability to manage Windows systems remotely, it’s Windows 10 that really delivers an end-to-end solution that connects the cloud and the PC. It enables a broad range of new productivity scenarios that allow IT departments to now deliver productivity to the desktop, but also keep the PCs secure.


Microsoft started making the education section bigger with Windows 10 S and now has announced Windows 365 for Education, a system designed for education and designed to help educate people at the basic level. This makes sense considering Microsoft's claim that education is the largest growing group of users on the internet and Windows for Education is designed for the target audience, particularly for the lower level of education. If Microsoft can bring in customers to their ecosystem, it also helps promote other Microsoft services that would be open to the users of the operating system. This should not be a surprise to us because Microsoft just showed up a year ago in the education section with the launch of Windows 10 S, now in version 2.0.

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