Topic: Introduction to Computer and History of Computers

 Computer Science

Level 1 (6th to 8th)



To create interest of students in computer science.

To give practical knowledge to the students.

To make the children aware about the different types of computers and its history.

To help the children understand the trajectory of development of computers.


Begin with talking about the difference between natural objects and man-made objects.

Introduce the concept of machine, asking what is a machine?

Explain how computer is man-made and falls under the category of machines and how it is useful to us.

Explain the children about the history of computers. How did it begin and where we are now.

Explain in detail about the evolution of computers.


Difference between natural and man-made objects

Difference between natural objects (trees, mountains, water, flowers, etc.) and man-made objects (house, fan, tv, car, etc.)

What is a Machine? 

An apparatus using mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task.

Give examples of machines indicating that all man-made objects are machines which reduce human effort and work.

Place the computer system here saying that it is also a type of machine which reduces human work and is useful to us in several ways.

Introduction of Computers

What is a computer? A computer is an electronic device that can be programmed to accept data (input), process it and generate result (output). A computer along with additional hardware and software together is called a computer system.

A computer system primarily comprises a central processing unit (CPU), memory, input/output devices and storage devices. All these components function together as a single unit to deliver the desired output.

Characteristics of Computer

SPEED: if we have some equation to solve we take much time to solve manually. But if solve that in computer system it take some Nano second only. We can say blinking of eyes, it performs all task. In general, no human being can compete to solving the complex computation, faster than computer.

ACCURACY: to solving equations manually we can do many mistakes but in computer, it has no provider us accurate answer but if we give any mistakes in giving command like input then it gives us wrong output Since Computer is programmed, so whatever input we give it gives result with accurately.

STORAGE: in real life, when we get data on paper to store in cupboard but it is look bulky and unsorted if we want to search any file in this cupboard it is difficult to search that particular file but when we store that files or data in computer memory it is looking neat and we can search easily Computer can store mass storage of data with appropriate format in compare with cupboard.

DILIGENCE: A human being can work at least 8 to 10 hour or one or two hour more than this period, after that we get tired and want rest. We can’t do 24*7 hours word we will fall ill. But computer does work 24*7 hours continuously without rest and without getting ill. Like call centres or emergency centres etc. Computer can work for hours without any break and creating error.

VERSATILITY: when we get multiple tasks at a time we will be confuse which one we should do first and get problem to do all task at a time in fact no task will complete at same time. But computer does all task at a time with accurate answer. We can use computer to perform completely different type of work at the same time.

POWER OF REMEMBERING: it is totally user friendly. Support human to work properly give alert and remainder. It can remember data for us.

NO IQ: although computer has many power and capacity. It has no IQ to work them self. We have to give command to do work then it performs its task and provides output. It can work like human beings but can’t think task what should do for that type of task? or what will be next step for that task? It is our servant we have to give command then it works Computer does not work without instruction.

NO FEELING: In this era, computer become smart and perform hard task easily, work like human being, replace human requirement but if we compare ourselves with computer we have emotions, feeling, we get logic of bad and good, we recognize things with felling, knowledge but Computer does not have emotions, knowledge, experience and feeling.

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