How to block or unblock number on Oppo and Realme Mobiles

If you are troubled by unwanted calls and are looking for a way to block these calls and numbers, we are here to help you.  By going to your call log, you can easily block any unwanted number forever.

Special things in Oppo Realme Mobile

 Built-in blocking option present in Realme and Oppo phones

 Here you will also find a way to unblock the number with a block.

 The way to block and unblock numbers in Reality and Oppo is the same.

 Mobile phones have made our life a lot easier, now whether it is to bring close to a distant person or to convey the greatest information to you in seconds.  You get the solution to everything through this mobile phone.  But someone has rightly said that the place is good and there is a need for some evil or lack of it.  There is such a shortage of mobile phones, due to which every other person is upset and that deficiency is none other but unwanted calls coming from time to time.  

Sometimes calls from the bank disturb, sometimes calls from telemarketing disturb.  If you too are troubled by such calls, and are looking for a solution, then this article of ours is for you only.

 Let us tell you, all the Android smartphone manufacturer companies give an option to block a number in their phones.  Apart from this, the system of reporting calls by spamming is also given in Android phones.  However, the method of blocking numbers varies across phones.  Last week we gave you information about how to block and unblock the number in Xiaomi's phone.  Today in this episode, we will give you information about the process of two other smartphones.  These two phones are Oppo and Realme.  The thing to note is that if you block a number on your smartphone, you will never receive any calls and messages from that number again.  In such a situation, think twice before blocking any number.  However, once the number is blocked, it can be unblocked as easily.  Today we will mention both the process.

 So now you do not have to worry about unwanted calls.  Today we are showing you the way to get rid of this problem.

How to block number in realme phone

 1. First open the 'Phone app'.
 2. Now choose the number you want to block from the call log.
 3. Now tap on 'More' (two-dot menu) and then select the Blacklist option.
 4. Now you will get a pop-up message below, from where you have to click on the block.  Now the chosen number is completely blocked.

How to unblock number in realme phone

 1. First open the 'Phone app'.
 2. Now tap on More (two dot menu) and then select the block and filter option.
 3. Here you have to choose the number you want to unblock.
 4. Now tap on 'More' (two dot menu) on the top right of the screen and delete that number from the block list.

 If you want to unblock a number from your contact list, then you can unblock that number by going directly into the contact list.  For this, you have to open the contact list and choose the number you want to block.  Now click on the two-dot menu and then click on Remove from Blacklist option.

How to block and unblock number in Oppo phone

 Just like Realme, Oppo smartphones also have Android based ColorOS, which provides a different settings list to block a number.  However, ColorOS 7 gives the same list of settings as that found in phones based on the Realme UI.  Because of this, the way to block and unblock a number in an Oppo phone is also exactly like a real phone.  Just like you block and unblock the number in Realme phone, in the same way you can block and unblock the number in Oppo phone as well.

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