Ludo King game free download for Mobile or Wiindows

Ludo King is a very popular Android application. Nowadays people are running down in India, so it will be very fun to play Ludo King at home. You can play this game online with your friends and offline in your home too. Ludo game is very You will easily find it on your playstore, from there you can download this application very easily

Ludo King game free download for Mobile or Wiindows
Ludo King game free download for Mobile or Wiindows.

If you are bored in your house, there are many games that you can play sitting in your house. And you must have played with friends, Ludo is truly a very good means of entertainment, although earlier you used to play this Ludo game with four people in your home. Nowadays how much has become digital, so Ludo has also started coming in a digital way. Ludo King app. A digital enhancement of this game will be available in your mobile on Google Play store. At the time of COVID-19, this game is very popular in India. Although the download of this app is already very high, but nowadays it is played in mobile games like PUBG and Call You Duty, this Ludo King Android The competition is very fast, the very good thing is that you can play this Ludo King App offline without net and when you have internet, you can also play it online with your friends. The app can be played easily both offline and online.

Ludo game Ludo King application you can download and play it very easily in your mobile. This Ludo King app is made for both Android and iOS Apple. There are other ways to download this app as you can do it on Google. You can also download by searching, but I will give you all the ways to download this app on this website so that you do not have any problem and you can enjoy this game.

How to download Ludo King App from Google Play Store

If you want to download Ludo King app in your Android mobile then you have to follow some of the following methods

• First you need to go to the Play Store application on your Android mobile

• After opening play store, you have to search Ludo King on search bar of that play store now after searching, first you will see Ludo King game.

• Now you have to download this app by clicking on the install button next to the Ludo King shown on the screen.

• After downloading, this app will appear on your Android mobile home screen, now you can play this app very easily.

If no app is being downloaded from your play store, then I give you the Ludo King APK file below on your website, you can download it from there and you have to download that APK file after installing it. You can also play this game
How to download Ludo King App in iOS Apple device

You guys have seen how the Ludo King game has become so popular nowadays, you can play this game very easily and most everyone knows about this game, what happens in it, how all the people played their childhood I must have played this game, but this game you are playing in digital mode, the graphics of the game is not so good and the dice of Ludo in this game can also look a bit strange. Still, there is a different pleasure in playing this game. Many times you spend hours playing this game with your friends. This game is so easy that you can play with anyone, even if playing someone. If you do not see it at once, then you can play this game easily

How to play online Ludo games with your friends

Before playing Ludo King game online I want to tell you something.

Before playing online, you and your near or far friends have to download this Ludo King app. You have to send the link to this website so that it can download this game easily and get more information like if their Apple phone If you are able to download it in Apple and if you are using Android, then you can download it in Android

Let's first know how this game is played online-

• First of all, you have to download and install Ludo King app through the link given on the website.

• After downloading Ludo King game, you have to open your game and login in it as 'Guest'

• If you want, you can also login through Facebook, but it is not necessary to play with your friends, choose the guest option and complete the further setup.

• After you complete the setup, after that you will see the main menu of the game, now you can easily play this game by default with your friends.

• To play this Ludo King game for your friends who are sitting far away from you, you should tab on 'Play With Friends'.

• On the next screen you are given the option to choose a color, after that you will see two options of 'Create' and 'Join'

      Create - In this, you can create your own code and room, with the code you can join your friends in your room.

         Join - If you want to join your friends game then you will need the code of your friend's room. On joining, you will be asked for the code which you will have to enter. After entering the code you can play the game with your friends.

• After you have created a room, after that you will have to set an entry amount like at least you can keep 100 coins. Now after that you will get the code. After getting the code, you have to share this code with whom you If you want to play this Ludo King game, you can send it through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Message etc.

• After joining with whom you have to play Ludo King game, your game will start

• To start this Ludo King game, tap on 'Dice' and you can start your turn playing games. There will also be a facility to chat with friends in this game. For this, you have to click on where the 'chat bubble' is seen, you can send a message to your friends by writing in it and in addition you can send a fun emoji to your friends. In the game you will get an emoji priced at 10 quins, which you will find strange.

How to play ludo king game offline with your friends

If you want to play Ludo King offline with your friends then you can play Ludo King with them in 'Pass N Play Mode'.

How to play offline Ludo King game-

• First you go to the game menu and click on 'Pass N Play' tap here.

• After this you will have two options. You want to play this game with all the people separately or you want to play this game by making a team of two members.

• After this, you add the names of all the players with whom you will play and then choose their respective colors.

• Before playing the game you have to keep in mind that you are playing Ludo King game on your device, then turn off any other activity happening in the phone such as all notifications and phone alerts so that other members can play the game while playing the game. There should be no problem in me. Nowadays new mobile has gaming mode, so you can block incoming calls and notifications from it, by doing this it will double the fun of playing Ludo King game.

How to play snake ladder game in Ludo King game

You guys already know that now you must have played the Lido game before, so there was a snake ladder game with it, which was very entertaining by playing this game as well as more than 4 people can play it and this game too Ludo The King is present in the app. You can also play it. You can play the game 'Snake-step' by tapping on the icon next to the settings.

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