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Carrom Board is a very good entertainment game. At least two people and maximum four players can play this game. To play this game, a carrom board must have nine buds and nine yellow pieces and a red color.  There should also be a queen with a slice to kill all these go to. There should also be a striker from the striker, one of the corners in the carrom board has go to holes.

Download carrom Board game

  History of Carrom Board Game

 Carrom board games have been very popular of its time. Nowadays this game has become digital and played digitally. Carrom board games became very popular since the First World War. At that time there were many competitions.  From 1935 on wards, the game started to become popular in countries other than India, for this different competitions of the game started.
 In the year 1988, the carrom board game started to develop internationally, the international carrom federation was also established which was held in Chennai, India.In the same year all the rules of the carrom board game were also published, seeing the popularity of which it was completely  Spread to the world.

 You people know that nowadays, it has become the age of digital, people spend more and more time in their mobiles. Similarly, this game has also developed very fast, which is now coming in digital form.  Now people can play this game through their mobile too. It is a very entertaining game. You can also play it online with your friends, your friends can be with you wherever you are.  Can play and you can also play this game offline.
 This carrom board game is available for all types of mobiles. If you are an Android user, you can download it from the Playstore and if you are an Apple user then you can enjoy it comfortably by downloading this game from the Apple Store.

 How to Play Carrom Board Game

 To play this carrom board game, first of all if you have not downloaded the carrom board game then you can download and install this game by going to your Apple App Store or  Android Play Store.

 • After that you have to open this game and then create an account in it.
 • After creating an account, you will come home and you will see three options.

 - Play Game
 - Play With Friends
 - Practice Mode

 • You have to choose one of the three options, after which your carrom board game will start.

 Nowadays, lockdown is going on in India because of Corona virus, people are in their home, so people can pass their time while walking down and you will spend your recent time playing this game and your free time is also passed. Carrom Board game is a very good game, hope you guys will definitely watch this game and share it to your friends.

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