How to download Instagram Story Without Application

Best Way Of Download Any Instagram Story 

Hello everyone today, I will tell you how to download your Instagram story in a very easy way, you can very easily download the Instagram story in your mobile and share it anywhere like Facebook.  WhatsApp Twitter and can share on many sites.

Download Instagram Story Without Application

Why do people download Instagram's story

 You will be aware that Instagram is a great means of entertainment, Instagram image is said to be very popular in souring something, Instagram was the first image to have a problem, only this much imaging was available, so many features have come in this chat.  Even before, Instagram was not so popular, but since Facebook has bought Instagram, its promotion has increased and  Is also popular Instagram have to add new features such as
 Now a days you must have seen that the way to put a story on Instagram has changed a lot, a lot of new features have come in it, you can put songs, you can apply image status, you can put your image in the story on Instagram, with a new story  You can apply your selfie and come in different emojis, people use different patterns in it, nowadays it is going on training.

How to download Instagram Story Without Application Preview

What are the ways you can download Instagram story

 Instagram has become quite popular nowadays, that's why people like its story, people like it, it has very good features, people are upset by it. At the moment, Instagram has not given any way that you can download the story of Instagram, I will give you something like this  I will tell you that you will be able to download the story of Instagram by going somewhere else.

Instagram Story Downloading Sites

How to download Instagram story

  •  First of all, you have to put a story on Instagram, That you can download.
  •  After that you have to keep in mind that the Instagram story you have not private and your Instagram profile should not be private, 
  • both options should be on public only then you can download the Story of Instagram.
  •  After applying the story, you have to go to Google Chrome or your web browser.
  •  I will give you some website names from which you can download the Instagram story.

How to download Instagram Story from website

 You should first enter the user name of your Instagram profile by going to the site which I told you
 After entering the user name, you have to click on submit button.
 The whole story will start showing you from a line if you have put a song in the story or put a picture or a video, all will be visible and you will also see the download button below that, by clicking on it, you will see the story of your Instagram.

I Hope you guys have liked the way I have been told, if you like this method then please share it so that I will also like what you tell me tips and tricks that you like.
  Thank you friends

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