Bhim app download and use for android mobile

bhim app download for android mobile

Now a days, you must have seen that the era of digital payment is going on, seeing that the Government of our India launched an app called BHIM UPI Application, it is used to conduct online transactions, big money from one bank to another bank.  The transfer is done in an easy way and there is no extra charge in it, BHIM UPI app is the most secure app run by the government.  Information will not be shared anywhere.

  1.  First of all, you have to open the play store of your Android mobile to download the BHIM UPI app.
  2.  After opening the play store, you have to search BHIM UPI in its search box.
  3.  After searching, you will see a logo of this way and an application named BHIM UPI app, you have to click on it and download it.
  4.  Keep in mind that you have to install BHIM UPI application, you do not have to download any other application like this.
  5.  I have uploaded the image, if you want, you can see it in the demo, you will see this kind of logo.

bhim app download for android mobile

 How to use BHIM UPI application

  1.  After installing BHIM UPI application you have to open that application.
  2.  When you open the BHIM UPI application, the first step is that you will have to set your language in it, you can set the language that you can speak easily, such as Hindi, English, Marathi etc. which you can speak easily, you can set it according to that  Click on it.
  3.  After that, you have to click on the procedure. After clicking on the procedure, he will ask you to allow some permissions.
  4.  You have to give all permission to BHIM UPI.
  5.  After that you have to select the SIM which is linked to your bank account, after that you have to click on the Proceed button.
  6.  After selecting the SIM, you have to write a secret 4-digit passcode.
  7.  After creating the passcode, you have to choose the bank to which the number is linked to your bank.
  8.  After linking the bank, there will be OTP verification on your registered mobile number. Once the verification is completed, your BHIM UPI ID will be successfully created.
  9.  Now you can use BHIM UPI application very easily.

bhim app customer care number

bhim customer care number toll free number If seen, Bhim UPI app is a very profitable application, there is no problem in this, all the things are well done by Bhim UPI, but if you have any problem.
 Your money is not transferring
 Your money was canceled at the time of transfer and the money has not been returned. There are many such problems, you can easily resolve those problems by calling UPI Customer Care.

Customer Care - 18001201740

You can also solve the problem of Bhim UPI in another way, by going to your official website, you can get your problem solved by writing it there.

BHIM UPI asked questions visit

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