How to use superscript in Microsoft office 2019

How To Use Superscript In Microsoft Office
How to use Superscript in MS Office 2019

In this topic you are going to learn how to superscript in Word.
I am going to show you 2 possibilities to superscript in Word and you are also going to learn the shortcut for these possibilities.

Let’s start with the first one.

  • First method of Microsoft Office 2019 Supercript

The basic method for doing a superscript in
Word is to use the superscript button in the “Home” tab.
You can either click it or press the shortcut “CTRL + +” on your keyboard.
When the button is activated you can start typing your superscript and when you are finished, just click on the superscript button or use the shortcut again.

Microsoft office 2019

  • Second method of Microsoft Office 2019 Superscript

The second method for doing a superscript is usually used when you are writing mathematical formulas. For that go the “Insert” tab and in the “Symbols” section click on “Equation”. Alternatively to are you can also use the shortcut “ALT + =”. To now insert a superscript in the equation, click on “Script” and choose the first option. You can then click into the fields that are shown here and type a basis and also an exponent. So, that’s it, BUT before you go: please support this website by hitting the follow buttion, liking the site and maybe also sharing your feedback in the comments.
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