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Today's local SEO backlinking topic I'm going to show you how to create a citation and a backlink for your business on the platform this is what I will be showing you how to create today as you can see on the first page of Google and indexed not only backlink for my campaign, but also a local Citation It's got my name my address my phone number indexed in Google by reddit com These types of links these types of services range between $20, $50 and $100 This guy had a really cool picture.
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So I'm showing it. I don't know who this is He's got a cool picture here, but the reddit guy, he's charging $100. I'm gonna show you how to do this for free I showed you that it's indexed.
So, you know that it could be indexed now Let me walk you through the process of what I did so the first thing that you'll need is an aged reddit account this particular account that I bought I Believe was either a year or six months old I then created and changed the name of the account.
I changed the name to my name.
I Then went in and I upped my karma and how I did that was?
Then the very next step that I did is I created my own Subreddit and how you create a subreddit with an aged account as you go over here to the left hand side you'll scroll down and As you can see there's a create community tab You create the community and then what will come up basically as you're filling out this information here
Who can join who can't join is it private is it is it on private?
You can put a picture here and also name it I've been really testing and playing with this but this is what I've created as you can see here Let me make sure I covered all this information an aged account is very important.

Do follow links site

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 I've tried other ways So you need an aged account?
You need to make sure your karma is up the reason being because when I first started out I was taking new accounts Just putting stuff up, right? It was just taking it right down So have an aged account get your karma up. And then what you'll want to do is see why always create your own Subreddit,
then you want to wait a little bit of time as you can see here time. Wait one week And then I actually went in and I started creating

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 I've been playing with this account now for about a week Before I brought it to you to show you what you can do with So what I did is as you can see as I created a not only a do follow backlink for local SEO but also a Indexed citation from a powerful site called reddit.
This was indexed on Google. Just five days ago Here's the citation indexed I searched for Chris Palmer Marketing as you can see and here's exactly what it looks like as you can see What I did is I made this subreddit and then look right here
I just typed it in as a post and then being the admin of the group I approve the post and then as you can see, let's just go up here We have a da 90 and let's highlight the do follows and the no follows So all the do follows are here this going right to my site. No redirect right to the site a DA-90 Local Citation and that's exactly how I did it. I bought an aged account.
I then raised the karma I created my own Subreddit and then I gave it a little bit of time before posting any links or linking out and now I have created a do follow backlink and a citation that is indexed in Google Com now The reason why I wanted to show this is I've had people come to me They're asking me questions about these reddit links.
I've heard obscene pricing for this type of stuff. So I said, you know what? I'm gonna go ahead and show my audience how to build these backlinks for free how they could get a citation for free. because I want to see you succeed if Have questions regarding SEO local SEO building backlinks Citation strategy you need training Consulting there's anything that I could help you with Please ask in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you in the next local SEO Backlinking link building Topic.

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