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Download Medlife app 25% Off Promo Code - AWG007

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Medlife app Download in Computer Gyan
Download Medlife app With 25% off Promo Code - AWG007

Healthcare Specialist Dr. Niroop MBBS MD on fake medicines and how to avoid them

I am Dr. Niroop MBBS and MD in Pharmacology. I have been experienced in doing lot of bio equivalence studies wherein we exactly measure if two drugs are having the equal amount of action on a body. For Example: like you have two different companies like Dolo as well the Crocin or Calpal do they all have equal effects? Not. This is the kind of studies have been doing in my past bio equivalent studies. So during this times I have always come across some situations especially in rural India, where in you know there is this problem of spurious drugs which have been a major problem you know like you have a branded medicine which costs about 100 Rupees for around 10 tablet sand you have the spurious medicines which costs only around 45 Rupees or 50 Rupees for 10 tablets. So what is this a common man or a poor man thinking is that you go for a cheaper medicine thinking that will give the same effects but when we do this bio equivalent studies we identify that the branded medicines or medicine approved appropriately from the regulatory agencies have around 95 or above 80% of the active ingredient. But the spurious medicines they have a terrible or a very minimal amount of active ingredient of around 30% or maybe 35% or at times we have never found an ingredient at all. So please be aware of all these fake medicines which is being circulated in the pharmacist you know it is very difficult for the pharmacist also to identify this fake medicine since the name is all the same the packaging is all almost the same and they also print this batch numbers and lot numbers which makes it even more difficult for a patient to identify so going for you know like platforms like Medlife app  you get guaranteed what do you call come branded medicines or other generic medicines from a reputed company or a minimum a company with all the licenses cleared. So you have a hundred percent guarantee that the bio equivalents and bio availability is achieved so a few things on how to identify fake messages is that first of all be very careful when the price is extremely low and compared to its counterparts second thing the availability if it available only in one particular shop you have to be again be careful about it so probably you know even I would do some more research and give you more information on this at this point of time this is all I would say please please be careful about this fake medicines please do not go for this fake medicines and you and Medlife app is a platform where you can easily get all this branded or appropriate medicines at very cheap or a discounted price please be make a correct choice make a intelligent choice and be safe please avoid fake medicines. Download Medlife app - The Online Pharmacy 💊💊💊 ❀❀❀
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